Students entering their freshman year explore each career and technical program. With resources such as career counseling and guidance from targeted support staff, students are able to make an informed decision choosing their path whether it be college or career.

Career Vocational and Technical Education (CVTE) is a major part of the educational experience students receive at GLTS. Students spend almost 50% of their educational time learning technical skills and knowledge in a career path that will prepare them for employment prior to graduation. All our Career and Technical programs are approved Chapter 74 programs from the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. The CVTE curricula associated with these programs have all been aligned with the Massachusetts CVTE Frameworks. Students enrolled in CVTE programs will be expected to attain the Certificate of Proficiency in their chosen CVTE program prior to graduation.



The program offers highly skilled technical education that services most industries


The GLTS Business Technology program prepares you to be successful in ANY business environment

Culinary shutterstock_549293008.jpg

Dive into all areas of full service food preparation including the fundamentals of cooking and baking

graphic comms

The  program teaches professional, transferable skills in the art, design, media and communication industry

IT shutterstock_349353287.jpg

We prepare you to meet the increasing demand for technology and communication skills and earn up to four professional certifications

Metal Fab shutterstock_555241186.jpg

Our program opens the door to many opportunities in the welding, fabrication, structural steel, pipe fitting and sheet metal fields

STEAM shutterstock_1014984952.jpg

Our STEAM program prepares you to think and work like a scientist, technologist, artist and designer


Dive into all aspects of the field from painting and refinishing to estimating and repairing.


Dive into all aspects of carpentry; knowledge of the tools of the trade, building design, and plan reading

dental shutterstock_356140580.jpg

The Dental Assisting curriculum prepares you to become a valuable member of the dental health team

health shutterstock_1132864544.jpg

We prepare you to work in key healthcare locations such as skilled nursing facilities and hospitals

landscaping shutterstock_1212661258.jpg

Our program prepares you with a deep knowledge in landscape design, maintenance, operations and construction related fields

plumbing shutterstock_597903461.jpg

The curriculum dives into all aspects of plumbing theory and practice through our state approved tier plumbing program


The Automotive Technology curriculum dives into the four core areas approved by NATEF

barber shutterstock_1229824264 (1).jpg

Become a licensed cosmetologist, with the opportunity to obtain a second license in barbering.


 Dive into the fundamental concepts of electricity and current wiring methods used in the trade

HVAC shutterstock_1135475837.jpg

The curriculum dives into all aspects of Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration

medical shutterstock_256664737.jpg

Work in medical offices, clinics, urgent care, and hospitals with knowledge of the healthcare industry


Dive into the fundamentals, communications and computations, simulations, programming, electrical and mechanical concepts of robotics